For owners/operators of non-exempt operational water wells in Montague, Wise, Parker or Hood County. Beginning with your January-June 2019 (19SA1) Groundwater Production Reports, please note the following procedural changes:

For all Groundwater Production Reports:

  • All fields with an asterisk (*) are required; an incomplete form will be returned to be completed.
  • All corrections/changes to the initially submitted report must be made by registrant, not District staff.
  • Reports must be signed by someone legally authorized to sign on behalf of the entity:
    • For taxable entities, if the signer’s name cannot be found at the site below, documentation will need to be provided to the UTGCD proving signatory authority.
  • If well(s) are in process of ownership transfer, the transfer must be complete before Groundwater Production Reports are accepted.
  • Submit complete reports to by July 31, 2019.
  • Invoices may be paid by check, bank draft, or credit card (5% fee).

For registrants submitting individual reports for each well:

For registrants wishing to submit multiple wells on one report:

  • Request an Import Template (spreadsheet) for your non-exempt operational wells from Complete at least the following for each well:
  • Well ID
  • Beginning meter reading for each month of the reporting period
  • Ending meter reading for each month of the reporting period
  • Total gallons produced for each month within the reporting period

Please call UTGCD if you have any questions about these new procedures.