Rain Chains: Conservation with Style

Posted on November 9th, 2020

             Throughout north Texas, rainwater harvesting takes all shapes and sizes. Your dream system may include stainless steel cisterns or wooden gutters, but there are practical options for any budget. As the climate shifts into the cooler months, September and October bring a chance for autumn storms. Oftentimes, residential dwellings may not have access to an entire roof for rain catchment. When this occurs, heavy runoff culminates at corners of the structure, and usually causes damage to soil and vegetation below. This is the perfect location for a rain chain. Rain chains function as an alternative to downspouts, allowing rainwater to pass along decorative baubles and cups down to a cistern below. This means a downspout can accentuate your outdoor area, while conserving rainwater. Their origins date back to 1,600 years ago, when the sukiya architectural style seen frequently in Japanese tea houses, first became prominent. Kusari toi installation ...Read More