Rainwater Harvesting – Tips & Trick

Posted on July 11th, 2023

With recent showers dotting the north Texas landscape and hopefully more precipitation on the way, the Upper Trinity is here to provide the best tips and tricks to maintaining your very own rainwater harvesting system. North Texas receives 31-35 inches of rain annually, and just a fraction caught from a roof or barn can sustain landscaping, livestock, or family homes. Apart from reducing weathering of soils and streets, rainwater harvesting helps alleviate stress on local groundwater systems. View our recommendations below and consider a harvesting system today. Rainwater systems can be all manner of shapes and sizes. A small barn, apartment rooftop, or single-family home all have suitable catchment surfaces for harvesting. Not sure how much rain you want to catch? Consider what you’re hoping to use the volumes for, be it a garden, irrigation, or potable household use. This will help you decide on a storage container material and type. A great rule of thumb is for every square foo...Read More