District Installs Dataloggers

Posted on July 6th, 2015

The Upper Trinity GCD has purchased 14 new dataloggers for wells in its water well monitoring network which was established in 2010. The dataloggers are set to measure water well levels every hour and will be recorded by District staff each month. The automatic datalogging equipment is permanently installed in the designated wells, which will offer the District significantly more information than recorded in the quarterly readings made by District staff. Review of the hourly readings has already shown potential areas of recharge in the District which were previously unidentified. The District includes over 200 wells throughout the District. The program provides the District with localized information on particular areas of concern and insight into the health of the aquifers in the selected regions. Due to the progress of the District's program in purchasing the new dataloggers, more information will be readily available to the public and to District hydrologists. This new info...Read More