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District Fees

$600.00 New Well Registration Fee (non-refundable)

$100.00 Well Completion Report Deposit (refundable upon driller report submission)

$50.00 Exception Filing Fee (non-refundable)

$30.00 Returned Check Fee

$45.00 Groundwater rights – Administrative filing fee

$45.00 Shared Well Agreements – Administrative filing fee

$0.00 Existing Well Application fee (no cost)

5% Processing fee for payments other than check or bank transfer


Existing Well Application

New Well Application

Application for Exception

Other Forms

Request to Extend a New Well Application

Request to Rescind a New Well Application

Well Monitoring Agreement

Transfer of Well Ownership

Request for status change

Water Quality Test Procedures & Form- Available from District office

Certified Labs
Local Government Officer Conflicts Disclosure Statement

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

Non-Exempt Well Owners

Wells NOT used for domestic, agricultural, or irrigation purposes are non-exempt wells and are required to meter and pay fees on groundwater withdrawal. See fee schedule and requirements below.

Usage and Fees

$0.22 per thousand gallons for groundwater usage
50% charge for groundwater export
$400.00 Operating Permit Application
$250.00 Operating Permit Amendment Application
$150.00 Permit Renewal

Contact the District office for penalty schedule for minor/major violations.

Forms for Reporting Groundwater Usage

2024 Groundwater Production Report Form

2024 Aggregated Groundwater Production Report Form

Emergency Use Water Report (Emer. Dept. to City)

Emergency Use Water Report (Municipal to District)

PGMA Document