Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation is composed of two members per county, appointed by the Commissioners Court. The current Directors are as follows:



Jarrod Reynolds – Assistant Secretary
Hood County
Don Majka – Assistant Secretary
Wise County
Tim Watts – Secretary/Treasurer
Parker County
Mike Berkley – Assistant Secretary
Montague County
Tracy Mesler – President
Montague County
Brent Wilson – Assistant Secretary
Wise County
Bob Lusk – Assistant Secretary
Hood County
Shannon Nave – Vice President
Parker County

Correspondence for the District or any member of the Board of Directors can be mailed to:

Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District
P.O. Box 1749
Springtown, Texas 76082


Doug Shaw – General Manager Kyle Russell – Assistant General Manager, P.G.
Jill Garcia – Assistant General Manager, P.G. Laina Furlong – Adminstrative Assistant
Ann Devenney – Office Manager Jennifer Hatchel – Data Coordinator
Blaine Hicks – Staff Geologist, P.G. Jacob Dove – GIS Analyst, P.G.
Zane Bearden – Field Technician/Education Specialist Jay Love – Compliance Coordinator
Dawson Lowe – Field Technician