Resources on water well drillers, water quality testing, and more.

Driller Database

View the map below for water well drillers who have successfully completed applications with the Upper Trinity GCD in the past. Click on a water drop to bring up contact information.  

Water Quality Lab Database

View certified NELAP laboratories for water testing. These sites can perform the neccessary radiological, organic, and chemical tests to determine if well water is “safe to drink”. 

View the water quality link on our front page for district E.coli and coliform presence testing. 


Additional District Resources

Notice to Purchasers – recommended for all property closings and transfers. This document explains groundwater district rules, nearby GCD’s and additional resources for water well owners. 

Groundwater District Notice to Purchasers

Groundwater Rights – recommended for title agents, developers, and land owners interacting with groundwater rights, deeding rights, and severing rights. Neccessary and recommended verbiage can be found in this document, along with recommendations for deed corrections. 

Groundwater Rights

Interested in rainwater harvesting? Visit our resource hub on how to build your own system and learn about the benefits of harvesting. 

Rainwater Harvesting