Christmas is just around the corner, and along with the holiday’s arrival comes stressful shopping, long lines, and gift anxiety. Your email inbox is likely flooded with offers, blowout sales and last-minute deals that beg you to stop by their online store, or drive to a busy outlet. As we begin our descent into 2020, make this the year to be environmentally conscious with your Christmas gifts. Buying for an entire family can be daunting, but the Upper Trinity has put together some fun and water conscious presents that the entire family will love. With Black Friday shopping comprising 30% of annual retail sales in 2018 (Much Needed, 2019), skip the sweaters and blankets this holiday season, and give all those special people on your shopping list some items they can use again and again! (While the Upper Trinity won’t recommend any specific brands, we can always point you in the right direction of water conscious toys!)


1. Reusable Water Bottles

     It’s become ‘cool’ again to drink water! From celebrities sporting personalized water bottles to Nestle’s extensive health campaigns. This year give a gift that pays for itself, with a reusable water flask. Now, typing the phrase ‘water bottle’ into Amazon can be overwhelming. We suggest pontificating about the type of water bottle you sport, and its impact on the environment. Plastic water bottles, (even the disposable ones!) can wreak havoc with landfills, due to their long shelf life. Glass and metal water bottles instead are a great trash reducer, with endless style varieties! Choose from a patterned color exterior or adorn the sides with stickers from your favorite places in Texas. And, if you’re worried about taste, check out models complete with a charcoal filter. Filters reduce TDS and chemicals from regular tap water, which vastly improves the taste. Check for insulated varieties as well, as these will keep your water chilled for over 24 hours! 


2. Reusable Shopping Bags

     Yes, you read that correctly. Reusable shopping bags have been a popular grocery store item for several years now. Large grocery chains celebrated special design releases. H-E-B recently unveiled a limited edition ‘Selena’ line of shopping bags in Texas, alongside their normal Christmas and University of Texas themed fare. Kid-friendly designs are easy to find as well, with the Wiggles, Dora the Explorer, Barbie being just a few to choose from. The uses around the home are endless, from last minute toy cleanup to grocery hauling. These durable bags function as a water friendly alternative to the excessive disposable bags in many stores. While these gifts may not be the flashiest item under the tree this holiday season, reducing plastic waste is water conscious, and you can rest assured your bag probably won’t end up in the Pacific Ocean! 


3. Garden Grow Kits

     Nothing provides the relaxation real greenery adds to your home. From a succulent in a windowsill, to lush ivy vines encircling a terrace, plants have adorned our homes for centuries. Find the perfect gift for that amateur gardener or naturalist in your family with a water conscious grow kit! These complete kits include nutrient soil, vacuum sealed seeds, and helpful watering instructions.  You’ll have everything you need to begin your own window garden! Popular varieties of water conscious plants include Dill, Sage, Mint, and Basil. Once your plants begin to grow, an outdoor bed or larger pot will keep the root systems healthy and provide space to continue growing! 


4. A Gift that Gives Back

     While socks may not be the most fawned over gift under the mistletoe this year, you can turn a simple gift into a blessing for others! Several popular brands have begun “Give Water” campaigns, that underwear, socks, boxers, and more now come with a year of access to safe drinking water for a person in need! The materials are constructed using water efficient processes, so you can feel good about giving AND receiving this gift in 2019. Other apparel items protect various environmental interests, from tree planting projects in deserted areas, to ocean cleanup initiatives. So, regardless of the type you choose, you’ll know you’re having a positive impact on the environment, while rockin’ some artistic socks. 

If you would like more information on water conservation tips and ideas, contact the Upper Trinity at 817-523-5200. or reach out to our Education and PR Coordinator, Jill Garcia,