Despite recent rainfall, water level trends from this past year show that one year cannot make up for an extended period of severe drought. It will take more than relying on the weather to return the aquifer to stability, and if you have a water well, the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District invites your participation in a groundwater level monitoring program that will help reveal the future of groundwater availability for the counties of Montague, Wise, Parker, and Hood.

The District has partnered with a geosciences firm to assess groundwater levels more accurately and will rely on the permission of individual well owners to obtain accurate well-level readings. Once the well location is determined and permission is granted, a field technician will monitor the well once every three months. This will give participating well owners an inclusive evaluation of the characteristics of the aquifer supplying their well. The benefits of participating in the well monitoring program with the District include scientific evaluation of groundwater levels in the region, the opportunity to actively participate in the management of groundwater resources, and the added assurance that groundwater availability is considered before approving new well applications, particularly for large-scale production wells. The program is free to well owners wishing to participate; registration of the well with the District is provided, though it is not necessary for a well to be registered to take part in the program.

If you are interested in participating, download a Well Data Location Sheet on the Forms and Documents page for your well.  Once your data is received, the District will contact you regarding your participation and the benefits of the groundwater monitoring program. Please contact the District office with any questions at 817-523-5200.