The Board of Directors of the Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (“District”) will hold a public hearing and may take action on proposed amendments to the District Rules.  The proposed amendments change the District’s rules related to applications for exceptions to the District’s water well spacing requirements by clarifying that the District may consider the effects of an application for an exception to the District’s minimum water well spacing requirements upon any existing well, rather than just existing wells that are registered with the District.  The proposed amendments also make related clarifying and conforming changes to the notice requirements for such exception applications, the authority of the District to use registered existing wells in making a determination of whether a well registration application meets the well spacing requirements from existing wells, and other related conforming changes.

This hearing will be held in conjunction with its regular December meeting on Monday, December 18, 2017, beginning at 5:00 p.m. at the District’s offices located at 1250 E. Highway 199, Suite 102, Springtown, TX 76082.

Any person who desires to appear at the hearing and present testimony, evidence, or other information on the proposed amendments to the District Rules may do so in person, by counsel,or both.  Testimony may be presented verbally or in written form.  Limits may be placed on the amount of time that each person is allowed to testify.  Any person with a disability who needs special accommodations should call 817-523-5200.  The hearing posted in this notice may be recessed from day to day or continued where appropriate.

Temporary Rules with Proposed Amendments for December 18 2017