On January 18, Upper Trinity GCD began visiting local schools and communities with an educational exhibit to promote groundwater awareness and conservation practices. It consists of a working model of an aquifer, educational videos, and oil and gas demonstrational material to show the processes of water in hydraulic fracturing. The exhibit is housed in a 24-foot enclosed trailer that is ADA-accessible and equipped with heating and cooling system depending on weather conditions. District staff demonstrates the aquifer model and answers questions during the scheduled visit about the effects of groundwater withdrawal and the purpose of registering water wells.The curriculum focuses on the TEKS objectives for groundwater and aquifers as well as the importance of water conservation.

The exhibit has visited numerous schools in Montague and Parker counties, reaching nearly 850 students in Spring 2013.

The Upper Trinity GCD has identified water conservation as a key factor in protecting future groundwater availability. Educational outreach is a best management practice employed by the District as a foundation for a water conservation program, and it is encouraging all interested entities to schedule a visit from this unique educational exhibit. The District is currently scheduling the exhibit on demand and will be available to make appointments by contacting the District office at 817-523-5200.