The Upper Trinity Groundwater District recently voted on and approved the addition of an annual rainwater harvesting grant program, available to eligible entitles within the four district counties. Applicants will need to submit all neccessary materials before the application window deadline, and finalists will be contacted before the grantees are selected.

Grant Application Materials

Rainwater Harvesting Application


Rainwater Grant Scoring Criteria 2023


Grant Video Guide & FAQ


Sample Financial Estimate



Program Purpose



Program Timeline


Program Funding



Program Eligibility



Program Contacts


For resources and inquiries regarding the program, please call 817-523-5200 or email

A 65,000 gallon harvesting tank system granted to the County of Wise, located at the Wise County Fairgrounds in Decatur, Texas. The project was completed in 2022 and has since hosted rainwater educational events. 

A 65,000 gallon harvesting system granted to the County of Parker, located at the Sheriff’s Posse fairgrounds in Weatherford, Texas. The project was completed in 2020 and was awarded the Texas Rain Catcher of the Year in the governmental category. 


Resources Hub

ARCSA Resource Guide

American Rainwater Catchment Systems Assocation Resource Guide – including rainwater harvesting professionals in your area, including designers, suppliers, and installers. 

TWDB Rainwater Harvesting Manual

Explore resources through the Texas Water Development Board on rainwater harvesting, from designing your own system to resources on materials and utilization of rainwater. Educate yourself and your team with what components make up a working harvesting system. 

Rainwater Harvesting FAQ’s

Check out frequently asked questions about harvesting through the Texas Water Development Board’s handy link above. Do you know how much rainwater you can catch off your roof? 

Texas Rainwater Harvesting Legislation

In Texas, rainwater harvesting is legal and encouraged. State agencies distribute awards yearly to eligible harvesting systems, and the legislation below defines harvesting benefits and protections. Below verbiage from the Texas Water Development Board website. 

  • “Texas Tax Code 151.355 allows for a state sales tax exemption on rainwater harvesting equipment.
  • Texas Property Code 202.007 prevents homeowners associations from banning rainwater harvesting installations.
  • Texas House Bill 3391 requires rainwater harvesting system technology to be incorporated into the design of new state buildings and allows financial institutions to consider making loans for developments using rainwater as the sole source of water supply.

For in-depth descriptions of rules in Texas and other states, visit the National Conference of State Legislatures.”