Access the files and resources from the Upper Trinity GCD’s “Groundwater & Wells: What Realtors Should Know” course. 

Course Outline – Attendees will receive a physical copy of this when they arrive at the class. 

TREC Course Outline 2022

Course Slides 

TREC Course Slides PDF

Chapter 1: Aquifers & Water Wells Resource Files 

Section 1A – Aquifers

Section 1B (part i. & part ii) – Water Wells 

Section 1B Wells Part i

Section 1B Wells Part ii

Chapter 2: Environmental Agencies & Water Law

Chapter 2A – Environmental Agencies 

Section 2A – Agencies

Section 2B part i & part ii – Water Law

Section 2B part i

Section 2B part ii

Chapter 3: Resources & District Rules 

Chapter 3A – Resources 

3A GCD Realtor Symbiosis

3B – District Documents (available at

Chapter 4 – Water Quality & Conservation Resources 

4A Water Quality

4B Conservation Recommendations