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What is the G.E.M.?

The G.E.M. (Groundwater Education Mobile) exhibit offers information demonstrations about native plants, rainwater harvesting, and formations of the Trinity Aquifer. Contact the District office or fill out the form below to schedule a visit from the G.E.M..

Education is the first step towards water conservation. Upper Trinity GCD is ready to bring aquifer education to YOU! This FREE mobile exhibit brings a high-quality STEM field-trip experience to our schools, inspiring the next generation of Texas water stewards. Housed in a 24-foot trailer, this project brings an interactive learning experience to local schools and communities. A working aquifer model allows visitors to actually see an aquifer in motion and what can happen to our water resources without conservation.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Upper Trinity has been implementing upgrades and renovations to the Groundwater Education Mobile. Find us at a local event to check out our NEW Watershed Exhibit! 

Where has the G.E.M. traveled?

Over 3,400 elementary school, middle school, and high school students and 1,100 adults & children at community events toured the aquifer exhibit, well model, videos, and lessons within the G.E.M.. Students are encouraged to engage in critical thinking about our most precious resource. In addition to touring the exhibits, staff participated in many STEM-based learning activities that included customized lesson plans with aquifer curriculum, water pollution simulations, and water conservation principles.

Where can you expect to see G.E.M. this year? 

It is our goal to reach 4,000 Texas youth with the G.E.M. in 2019! We hope to encourage water conservation by teaching aquifer maintenance and practical water stewardship. We are available for elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as festivals and teacher development. With your help, we can tailor presentations to your exact curriculum and needs. We hope to see you soon!


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