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We are currently accepting applications for a Field Technician position. Please view the responsibilities below and email applications and resumes. 


Job Opening – Field Technician

Job Description:
 Contact and interact with well owners and drillers
 Collect and interpret property ownership information in order to process new well applications
 Use GIS software to ensure new well applications meet District spacing requirements
 Write and maintain Daily Field Reports and driving logs
 Obtain and report GPS on all types of wells
 Compare GPS coordinates between well applications and well completion reports as needed
 Schedule and obtain GPS coordinates for Existing Well Applications
 Assist Data Coordinator in correcting GPS errors in database
 Obtain data for and assisting in scheduling well monitoring visits
 Collect and enter water level data
 Provide information to the public regarding District rules, as needed
 Provide or schedule general maintenance of District vehicle
 Generate reports from District data, as needed
 Assist in keeping office/field inventory up to date
 Schedule and collect data from public requests
 Generate maps and reports as requested by the General Manager
 Conduct public relation tasks as needed, such as handing out brochures and existing well
applications at water well and water conservation related events
 Other duties as assigned


Preferred Qualifications


 A Bachelor of Science in Geology, Geography, Hydrology, Environmental Science, Agriculture or other closely related field.
 Some practical level of experience in water resources or some closely related field.
 Experience collecting data and operating and maintaining complex field and laboratory
equipment and instruments.
 Computer skills: word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and familiarity with databases are required; working knowledge GIS software is preferred.
 Excellent oral and written communication skills, organization skills, research skills, and public
speaking skills (ideal candidate will be able to interact well with individuals and groups
representing diverse public, personal, and professional interests).
 A valid Texas driver’s license.

Physical and Other Requirements

Candidate employees must be able to work outside in all weather conditions and carry heavy
equipment or supplies in excess of 50 lbs. Occasional evening or weekend work may be


 Salary – Commensurate with experience
 Two weeks paid vacation (annually)
 Texas County and District Retirement Systems (TCDRS) retirement program with 200% District
 Health, Dental and Vision insurance

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