Don't Waste Groundwater, Protect It. Below are some of our educational programs and resources.


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TexMesonet Network

The Upper Trinity GCD features a working weather station linked with TexMesonet. Check these links out to view the weather and precipitation trends in your area today! The primary goal of the TexMesonet program is to compile a network of high-quality drought and flood data throughout the state of Texas. The network is especially useful to observe drought patterns, along with assisting both rural and urban irrigation practices. The information collected through our network includes;

  • temperature
  • precipitation
  • wind speed
  • relative humidity
  • barometric pressures
  • solar radiation
  • soil moisture
  • and much more!

TexMesonet Network

Native Plants Archive

District Staff composed an archive of plants native to North Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Using native plants in your landscape can reduce water usage for irrigation and is considered an imperative objective for lawns and gardens throughout this region. Native Texas plants have adapted to the North Texas climate and are drought tolerant, encourage groundwater recharge, and thrive in most soils found throughout the area. Click below to access this free, educational resource.


Want more?

Check out the videos and links below for more ideas and tips on how you can do your part to conserve water.

Conservation Links

Texas Water Smart

Water – Use it wisely

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Texas Water Development Board

Texas Water Foundation

AgriLife Extension

Lawn Whisperer

Drought Monitor

The Cattleman: Weather and Drought

Children’s Links

Go OUTSIDE and explore the world of water.

How much do you know about groundwater? Click here to find out!

Test your WaterSense.

Water’ you thinking? See how water smart you are!

Be a Water Kid. Learn more about water.

You’ve heard of ‘carbon footprints’, but did you know that water has a ‘footprint’ too? See how much water is in a banana and more!

Can you save this fish? Play Tip the Tank.

Get your Water Game on!

Looking for a water well?

Below are some links and resources for existing water well reports.

TWDB Water Well Viewer (type in address in top left hand search bar to view well reports in the area)

TDLR Well Report Search Tool