District Will Test Private Wells for Coliform Bacteria

Posted on January 30th, 2015

The Upper Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (UTGCD) has purchased the equipment to test for coliform bacteria in water wells. Currently the District is not charging a fee for the test. The analyses are performed in accordance with analytical methods approved by the EPA, Texas Water   Development Board, the Hach Co., or Idexx Laboratories, Inc. UTGCD in-house analyses are not state-certified. The analysis results are intended to be representative of the water quality on the day of sampling only, and future samples from the same site may yield different results. “Coliform bacteria are a group of microorganisms commonly found in soil, surface water, and on plants. They are also present in the intestines of animals and humans. Coliform bacteria that are washed into the ground by rain are usually filtered out as the water goes through the soil and into groundwater systems. However, poorly constructed, cracked or unsealed wells can provide a path for coliform bacteria to enter...Read More

District Hires New GM

Posted on January 19th, 2015

The Upper Trinity GCD board of directors has fulfilled the position of General Manager by Doug Shaw, who will begin his role on February 1, 2015. Shaw has both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in agricultural economics from Tarleton State University and has been with the Texas Water Development Board since 2006 with a number of responsibilities within the water planning division, most recently that of ombudsman. “We are pleased to have someone from this area, Doug is a native of Godley, who not only has a background in managing water on a regional and state level, but is also familiar with the key role groundwater plays in the everyday lives of rural Texans,” said UTGCD Board President, Tracy Mesler of Nocona. Shaw’s responsibilities with TWDB included that of overseeing funding for Regional Water Planning for four of the state’s 16 regions, drafting portions of the State Water Plan, and acting as liaison for rural communities and water planning groups. "Afte...Read More